Ty Hafan

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

(Updated 25.06.20) 

We are aware that the coronavirus outbreak is a time of concern for our families, volunteers and staff. Be assured that we are constantly monitoring the developing coronavirus situation and following guidance based on the latest information from the Welsh Government and Public Health Wales.

Protecting our families, our staff and volunteers is our number one priority.

Further information for our families, supporters, volunteers and staff is detailed below. 


Many of the children and young people we care for are in the high-risk category, and therefore, we have made difficult but necessary adaptations to our delivery of care to ensure they, and their families, are safe. We are keeping in touch with our families regularly with updates, but here is a list of our current measures:

  • End-of-life care is continuing and will continue throughout the crisis.
  • Hospice stays will be available on a case-by-case basis for those in particularly difficult circumstances. Get in touch with us via your family support practitioner or community nurse if you feel you require admission.
  • If you have a short break stay coming up soon you have probably heard from us already, but if not, please get in touch with us before visiting.
  • We have launched a virtual care programme for our families self-isolating at home. This includes telephone and video communication sessions with our family support practitioners and play team, a ‘Tŷ Hafan Families’ private Facebook page and around-the-clock phone support.
  • We have also launched a private Facebook page for our bereaved families called the ‘Butterfly Group’ – do get in touch if you wish to join. 
  • The safety of children, families and staff is taken very seriously at the hospice and our care staff are equipped with high-quality PPE.
  • We are being extra vigilant in terms of cleanliness and sterilisation at the hospice, e.g. door handles, toilets, light switches.
  • Only supported families and care staff are permitted at the hospice – but if you or your family members have developed symptoms, do not visit until you have called us. 

Most of all, we want you to know that we are always here. Contact your family support practitioner if you have any questions, need some information or just want to chat. If you can’t make contact with the family support team then please ring the hospice - we’re here 24/7 for you.


We appreciate that for many, activity has been at a standstill, but we’ll absolutely need you by our side more than ever once activity resumes and we’re back on track.

Our volunteer development manager, Debbie, will be in touch with you with any updates, but please get in touch in the meantime if you have any questions: volunteering@tyhafan.org

1-7 June marks National Volunteers Week and despite many of us in lockdown, we’re not going to let this slip! On Thursday 4 June, our families, staff and supporters will be getting behind #ClapForVolunteers and we plan to clap loud and clear for our wonderful Tŷ Hafan volunteers to say thank you for the unwavering support.

In the meantime, stay safe and we hope to see you all very soon.


Thank you for all you do, and indeed, your continued support will be even more important to us over the coming weeks and months, either via fundraising or participating in an event.

Given the circumstances we are currently reviewing our calendar of events. Our Events team will be in touch to let you know about any changes that need to be made.

If you need advice about your own fundraising activity or events or you would like to find out what else you can do to support Tŷ Hafan in these unusual circumstances, please email our call our Supporter Care team: supportercare@tyhafan.org or 02929 532255. We're here for you, even if you just want to chat. 

Please note that in line with Welsh Government directives, our main office and hospice is closed to non-essential visitors, and this sadly includes our supporters. As soon as this changes we will let you know.

Our teams are working hard from home, but it may take a little longer for them to get back to you right now. Rest assured your call/email is important to us and we'll be with you as soon as possible.


We have an amazing team at Tŷ Hafan who are working hard to ensure that we continue supporting children and families during this unsettling time. 

In line with government recommendations, we have strengthened existing measures to minimise the risk of infection. This includes asking members of non-care staff to work from home where this is possible and restricting access to Tŷ Hafan’s buildings. 

Despite many of Tŷ Hafan’s teams working remotely, we are still working together to rise to the challenges posed by the pandemic.  

Our shops

We are pleased to announce that from Saturday 27 June we will be opening nine Tŷ Hafan shops as 'donation stations' to accept your valuable goods. 

For more information and for the full list of donation stations, please visit the 'Shops' section on our website here.


Thank you for your support and patience as we work through this crisis together.

Our families need us by their sides more than ever at the moment - and it’s thanks to our supporters that we are able to continue being there, providing expert care to them at the hospice and at home.

If you are in a position to be able to help us, you can support by making a single or monthly donation of your choice by clicking here.

You can also play our weekly Crackerjackpot lottery for as little as £1 a week. This way you’ll supporting us long-term and you’ll also have the chance to win up to £12,000. Every week we have a guaranteed £2,000 winner along with 80 other prizes. Have a look at our lottery website here.

For those who were planning to take part in one of our events that has been postponed or cancelled, we’ll be announcing more virtual challenges that you can take part in soon. But also, if you were inspired Colonel Tom Moore and the incredible stories of those taking on personal challenges at home, why not take on your own for Tŷ Hafan?

More ways to support, including ‘in memory’ and ‘gift in will’ donations, can be found here.

A gift of whatever you can give us today would make a huge difference to Tŷ Hafan in this crisis and will help us continue to support life-limited children and their families at this time of need.

 Thank you for being there.