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when a cwtch is just what’s needed

As we celebrate National Hug Day today, this has given us the ideal opportunity to think about the importance of hugs to us all here at Tŷ Hafan, writes Tracy Jones, Head of Community Services and Partnerships.

Of course, for us at Tŷ Hafan, we talk about ‘cwtches’ rather than hugs – that loveliest of Welsh words which evokes a strong feeling of warmth and comfort. Two feelings that are central to the support we provide to the children and families who use our services.

National Hug Day

Whether it is a member of our care team cwtching a child who needs some comfort, our family support team offering a cwtch to a mum or dad as they cry about the thought of their child’s short life or our colleagues comforting each other after saying a final goodbye, we are always ready with open arms.

Covid may have stopped us giving as many physical cwtches as we would like but it hasn’t stopped us ensuring that every child and every family member who has needed that special comfort has still felt like they were being held.

Furthermore, what with giving and receiving a cwtch so important to us all, we have named one of our key care areas in honour of it.

Our Cwtch is central to our newly refurbished care wing and is a place where the children can often be found before bedtime, or first thing in the morning, just enjoying some chill out time.

National Hug Day

It is where all of our special monitoring equipment is located to help ensure every child receives the monitoring they need to keep them safe when they are sleeping but it is also a place where a parent who is staying with us knows that they will always find someone to talk to or to listen to their fears or to simply just give a comforting cwtch.

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