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support our refurb with ed the elf

Our very own festive helper, Ed the Elf, has been busy making his way to homes this Christmas to brighten up Christmas trees — but he's also been raising money for our refurbishment appeal and has been spreading the word far and wide... 

Ed the Elf

Hello, my name’s Ed the Elf and I’ve been lovingly crafted this Christmas in the ‘Handcrafted by Tŷ Hafan’ workshop to help raise funds for Tŷ Hafan’s hospice refurbishment.

I’m made out of an old-fashioned wooden clothes peg, but the busy volunteers in the workshop have worked hard to transform me into a magnificent and mischievous elf called Ed. All it took was the magic of Christmas to make me come alive!

While my main purpose is to hang on people’s Christmas trees, the Christmas season does make me a little mischievous and I can’t guarantee to be well-behaved all the time and have been known to venture on some Ed adventures...

Ed the Elf and Ruth Jones

People have been investing in me across the globe, and I’m currently on my way to brighten up homes in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and even heading to Bali in January! I’ll spreading festivity and the word of Tŷ Hafan right across the world.

I’m also making my way to Ruth Jones’ Christmas tree after she took a big liking to me today when she visited the hospice.

If you’d like give me a little spot on your Christmas tree this year, I also arrive with a special certificate of ownership because I’m a special ‘ed-ition collectible!

When you purchase me, you’re not only lovingly hand-painted Christmas decoration, but you’ll also be supporting our #FitForFuture Christmas appeal to raise £1.5 million for Tŷ Hafan’s hospice refurbishment — to be ready for the next generation of children and families that need our support.

Thank you & Merry Christmas

Ed the Elf x



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